” The beauty of Thora is like a beautiful princess furtively appearing at her window. Only the passionate lover will be able to see her. “

ZOHAR, The book of lights (cabbalah)

“Judaism is a portable suitcase built to preserve the culture, values, laws, ethics, history, tradition, language, aspiration, a connection to a higher power, the way of life of the dispersed native nation of Judea”
Rudy Rochman, Columbia University/font>

Through the spectacles of the Jewish doctor I am, Jewish community life seems to slip aside the essential, and that is why I would like to give my own way of looking at the essential values of Judaism.

Without having practiced Jewish religion according to the rigid prescriptions formulated by rabbis, I remain still very sensible to the messages send by the bible, just as other non-practising Jews did, such as Herzl, Weizman, Ben Gurion, Chagall or Einstein…

I didn’t study extensively Jewish writings, which gives me some virginity in front of the Jewish writings and gives me the opportunity to make commentaries without first thoughts.

Don’t misunderstand the thoughts that will follow. They are not intended to destroy values that are cherished by thousands of people, and for which thousands of people sacrificed everything, even their lives.


No, the main reason, justifying this reflexion, is to start a constructive dialog with all the people interested in the Jewish people and its contribution to mankind.

This means of course also orthodox religious Jews, in order to inspire new ideas based on the bible itself. I think especially of the youth, squeezed between the anxiogenic reality and at first sight incomprehensible understanding of modern science and the anachronic religious practice completely out of phase with modern life and society.


Completely unexpectedly I found myself sustained in my reflections, which could be very badly seen by the rabbinical establishment, by reading a book written by the former president of the official French Jewish representative centre (CRIF) M. Theo Klein: “Free the Thora”. Written without knowledge of each other, some of the reflections could be superposed word by word.

M. Klein’s reflections are mostly limited to the part of the bible involving law and justice. Personally I tried to find essential messages in the bible confronted to nowadays’ scientific and historical knowledge. Knowledge, which is actually accessible to anyone trying to find new and original ways of reflexion about a people and a culture crystallised in a great message: the bible.

Recently I learned thanks to a very good science vulgarizing author, Jose dos Santos, that after the big bang the 14 billion years that earth exists actually are equivalent to 6 days of our time because the expansion of the universe could not happen faster than the speed of light causing an important change in time according to the relativity theory of Einstein. So even this tale is not a fairy tale.











The main vocation of the Jewish people is the transmission of a message from generation to generation. This gave the surname to the Jewish people: People of the book.

A remarkable fact is that the delivered message was adopted in a modified way by several religions and philosophies. Unfortunately the daily life of Jews is sometimes miles away from the transmitted message, and worse, people having adopted those messages transmitted by the Jews, use those messages to harass and oppress the Jewish people. It is as if anti-Semitism was caused by the disappointment of people, failing to recognise in every-day’s Jews, with their good and bad sides (making them so human) the idealised figure of martyrs, saints and even gods (Or weren’t Jesus and mother Mary ordinary Jews?).

What were the messages and what were the means to transmit those messages?

These are the questions I will try to ask, and by doing this, also try to answer them in this reflexion. But before doing so I will first recall a few elementary laws of physics (the Fourier’s principle applied in undulatory mechanics for those who are interested in details) that say the following things:

” Every complex undulation is nothing more than the sum of simple undulations which can be recognised individually”. For example a piano chord of three notes can be recognised as a chord or as every single note of the chord. In the chord of sounds formed by the mouth one can recognise a word.

A second law of physics says that independently of the matter crossed by an undulation, this undulation keeps all its proprieties. Whatever the crossed matter, the sum of simple undulations giving complex undulations remains unchanged when they come back in their original matter. And even if there is no matter to go across (undulation of energy intensity such as in radio waves) undulation propriety remain unchanged.





Speaking everybody’s language: music, whether sung, played, recorded, on any support vinyl, magnetic, digital, will be perceived the same way by the ear of the listener. And after reaching his mind will give the same emotional reaction.





Making it clearer: Whatever the paper quality, the used figures in a book, the delivered message will be the same.



Without trying to defend or to fight the idea of “God” and its laws, or of “the messenger” and his laws, it must be stressed that open minded lecture of the bible reveals a considerable amount of common sense in a historical and scientific perspective.

I don’t want to open a discussion about the divine origin of the bible or the importance of understanding or not understanding the laws in order to practice them. I just want to show essential values and making conclusions based on elements everybody can read in the bible.



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