8) Good and wrong


The notions of good and wrong are very controversial. According to the bible the possibility to distinguish between good and wrong differentiates man from the animal.

This possibility puts man on the same level as the gods (sic! Elohim, in plural as quoted in genesis, which means the old frightening gods, those at the genesis of the earth)

God decides what is good and wrong. The first “good” described in the bible is the creation of the earth and all that is upon it (…and god saw that it was good….). So we can conclude that creation is something good.

The first “wrong” described in the bible is nudity.

But what is nudity? Nudity is a displeasant sensation that is a part of the secondary acquired sexual characteristics during puberty. This displeasant sensation ( called inhibition) is primarily a function of the great cerebral hemispheres. This inhibition can be neutralised by the absorption of alcohol. This inhibition causing embarassement starts usually with puberty and can also affect other parts of the body. During puberty small imperfections become mountain high and are eagerly masked to the eye of others. If this embarassement becomes too important, it can give a neurotic attitude causing “tics”

Of course the environment plays an important role in the acceptance of his own image. Today the research of Freud and other psychanalysts succeeded in unveiling all kind of diseases caused by the fixation of inhibitions even leading to paralysis in extreme cases. Sexual liberation was able to diminish the cases of nevroses caused by the fixation of inhibitions.

It’s a fact that nudity causes pleasant physiological reactions in the watcher. A blessing for procreation, a feeling of embarrassment for the arousing puber.

Of course, temptation could engender conflicts. But to come back to our first interdiction in the bible, why was nudity a problem for Adam and Eve, assuming they were all alone in the world? Unless they weren’t…. The bible says “Y.H.V.H. (the eternal one) Elohim” wandered in the garden of Eden. The snake proposed to taste from the tree of wisdom. And Eve gave the fruit of the tree of wisdom to Adam.

(N.B.:Can we assume that the lesson we have to learn from that passage is that humanity (homo sapiens) emerged between the Tiger and the Euphrates (Mesopotamia) in the garden of Eden nicely described in genesis between those rivers?

This is not completely in contradiction with our nowadays notions of anthropology. Anthropology locates the first homo sapiens somewhere between Ethiopia and the Middle East 100.000 years ago. Descendents of those few Homo Sapiens can be found equally distributed in the 3 main continents as attested by equally distributed blood groups in those 3 continents.)








Hillel (a Jewish wise from the IVth century) resumed the bible for a busy Roman emperor asking him to explain the bible in a lap of time sufficient to keep a man on one leg. So he resumed it as not doing to others what one woudn’t accept from someone else. This is a very good definition of “good” and “wrong”

Not robbing, not killing, not chasing after someone else’s wife is easy to understand.

But once you start trying to understand alimentary rules, sabbatical rules etc… this becomes harder to understand.

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