6) Justice

Theo Klein in his book “Libérez la thora” recalls us how important justice can be in biblical texts. Justice practised by king Solomon is known by everybody, and during the Middle Ages in Spain justice practised by Jewish juges according to biblical law had the force of law. Even today a lawyer is a much-esteemed professional in Jewish society.In his book “Les Juifs, le monde et l’argent” President Mitterand’s advisor Jacques Attali shows that the introduction of money was the most important progress in humanity introduced by Jews as money was able to compensate for real or presumed injustice. Before money was introduced punishment always consisted of death or physical injury.Thanks to the introduction of money harm that was inflicted to somebody could be repaired on a fair counterpart according to the biblical equality “the worth of an eye for the worth of an eye” which is quoted within the laws of social justice in the bible.

Contrary to the non-Jewish popular belief that blood has to be avenged by blood.

This popular belief is in contradiction with the 10 commands major law: though shall not kill!

Death penalty is always wrong because death is irreversible, and guilt is never 100%. So even if death penalty is described in the bible it was actually never performed as nobody had the right to kill.

Even with all the money of the world one is not able to restore life or an eye, and that’s why corporal punishment is unfair. It can’t be restored after pardon.

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