11) Beauty

Beauty is often cited in the bible. The essence of beauty in the bible is the absence of anomalies. And when beauty is cited it’s usually about the physical appearence of men and women. The culminating beauty is revealed in the song of songs where every part of the beloved woman (in this case a black woman) is described and compared to fruit, animals and aromatic plants.

Under the term tiferet beauty is one of the ten major attributes of the tree of life in the kabbala. It stands between knowledge, intelligence, kindness, justice and grace in the fulfillment of life.

But a lot of importance goes also to the beauty and harmony of geometric proportions as described in detail with the exact measurements of the holy of holies.Even the way the Jewish camp is organized and decorated is described and even blessed by a foreign priest. And even the way the army is organized with its fanions is revealed as being beautyfull.

Beautyfull and colorfull dresses have a main importance in human feelings such as those of Joseph’s brothers who were so jaleous that they took Joseph’s colored dress, added animal’s blood, to tell his father that he died in the desert when they sold him as a slave. Beautyfull dresses were also important in the distinction of the priest in the temple.

The temple of Jerusalem was decorated with flowers and animals and two gigantic cherubins of wood with plated gold.

The wings of those cherubins were disposed like an arch covering the holy ark. This ark was made of wood plated on both sides with gold. These cherubins were amovible in such way that the wings could face each other or oppose each other.

An intersesting question is wether this shrine contained radium, or if the tables of Moses contained radium. This could explain why Moses was glowing when he came back after 40 days in mount Sinai. And this can also explain why the Philistines died of a mysterious disease resembling irradiation disease after having seized the holy ark. And also why this ark was glowing during the night and fuming during the day during the 40 years in the Sinai.

And finally this could expain why it was so dangerous for the high priest to enter the holy sanctuary on the Day of atonement.

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